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About Us


Zoe-Ann Bartlett, Founder

Lover of Bubbles & Bourbon | Jack Russell Mom | Serial Entrepreneur | Damn Good Cook | Born with a Gypsy Soul


Hello, I'm Zoe!  

I am an accomplished professional and entrepreneur. My first career was as an award-winning leader and visionary in the Hotel and Corporate Travel Industries.  Wanting to create joyful, memorable experiences for others, I focused my second career on food and wine, studying internationally as well founding and operating my own culinary food studio. I've always loved champagne though, and the more I learned about it the deeper my appreciation got.  I even created and sold my own branded champagne!  This would have been a larger commercial success had not my friends quickly drank it all 😀!  I hope Love Tiny Bubbles brings a smile to your face and that our products remind you to "smile - be happy"!

"I make Tiny Bubbles disappear...what's your Superpower"?

Madelyn Harris, Creative Director

The Real Boss | Creative Maven | Not just any Photographer | Strong Young Woman | We Should All Be Feminists | Just Getting Started

Hello! I’m Madelyn, the Creative Director for Tiny Bubbles.
On a trip to the region of Champagne, France, I first learned about the craft and beauty that goes into making Champagne- or what we call Tiny Bubbles. There is something magical about Champagne, what it does for us. It is able to bring friends, family, and communities together in times of celebration, grief, or to simply enjoy life. I believe we could all use a little bit more magic in our lives. This is why I am excited to introduce Tiny Bubbles to you. My passion for learning and travel along with photography perfectly merged with Zoe’s entrepreneur, Champagne-enthusiast ideas. Thus, the creation of Tiny Bubbles.

“Champagne is one of the elegant extras in life.” - Charles Dickens

-And I strive to live life a little extra